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Subcontex Gipuzkoa - Basque Country Subcontract Manufacturing Supply Chain

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Subcontex Gipuzkoa is a key tool provided  by the Chamber of Commerce of Gipuzkoa in the Basque Country to help foreign companies to identify industrial subcontracting companies with capacity to fulfill their manufacturing needs and secure the right partners to help them remain competitive in a global market.

The Basque Country has a long industrial tradition historically based on metal transformation that makes this Autonomous Community an area of great interest to buyers. The subcontracting industry represents 27.5% of the Basque industrial activity and is one of the most dynamic sectors, where 54% of the companies export.

Industrial subcontracting activities that you can find in the Basque Country: Foundry, Forging, Sheet Metal fabrication, Stamping - Deep Drawiing, Pipe bending, Wire Forming, Sintering, Machinng, Dies, Moulds, Patterns, Heat Treatments, Surface Treatments, Toolings, Plastic, Rubber, Composites, Electricity, Electronics, etc... See Directory

Each year, more than 300 foreign contractors have gained competitiveness with our suppliers in the Basque Country. Our service is complimentary at the Chamber of Commerce and our extensive knowledge of our industry will help you source new suppliers that endeavour to meet whatever your manufacturing needs might be.


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