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  • Contact:
    Sr. Javier de Cristobal ()
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  • Phone:
    (0034) 943 304033
  • Fax:
    (0034) 943 304041
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Technical Data

  • Main Activity:
    Engineered custom metal fabrication & installation company specialized in stainless steel, nickel-alloys and other special metals (titanium).
    37 years of experience in the fabrication and installation of pressure vessels, tanks, reactors, separators, columns, heat-exchangers, skid units and piping installations.
    7100m2 workshop with lifting capacity up to 45 ton, integrating the fabrication processes of cutting, forming, welding, non destructive tests, and surface finishing.
    Detail engineering capacity (6 industrial engineers, and 1 International Welding Engineer IWE) for mechanical / thermal calculations and managing the required subcontracting operations up to turn-key products/projects (machining, stress relieving, balancing, etc.)
    Fabrication in workshop and/or erection- installation of piping and equipments at client’s site.
    Sectors: Pulp & paper, chemical, petrochemical, renewable energies, water treatment, food industry, other industrial sectors.
  • Production facilities:
    1 Ultra high definition Plasma cutting equipment 9500 x 2500/40
    Guillotine shears for sheetmetal 4000 long x 20 mm thick.
    Intermittent shear for sheetmetal up to 6 mm.
    Punching shear. Strength: 80 tonnes. Capacity: Diameter 40 x 14mm thick
    Bending presses up to 6000 x 320 tonnes.
    Several bending cylinders up to 3m x 40 mm thick.
    Pipe cutting machine up to 350
    Radial drill up to 50 mm drill.
    Ribbon saw 300 x 200 mm.
    Portal straightening press, 2500 x 1500 mm and 100 tonnes strength.
    Jacking engines up to 30 tonnes.
    Positioners up to 15 tonnes
    Submerged Arc automatic welding center. 4m column
    TIG, MIG-MAG welding equipments.
    Automated weld procedures.
    Drying and maintenance stoves for electrodes.
    Stainless st. shotblasting cabin 9x6x5 m.
    Cabin for stainless steel chemical pickling, 10x9x9 m.
    High pressure sprinkling cleaning machines.
    High pressure painting machines, chamfering machines, threading machines, etc.
  • Certifications and approvals:
    ISO 9001:2015,
    ISO 3834-2:2005,
    EN 1090-1:2011,
    ASME VIII Div1 U-Stamp + National Board. Design and fabrication of pressure vessels and installations. PED-2014/68/EU with CE Marking.
    Welding procedures and welders certified according to EN and ASME.
    Workshop standardised by companies of several EU and US countries.
  • Main customer sectors:
    Paper and pulp industry.
    Chemical and Petrochimical industry. Bioenergies, Water treatment. Engineering companies.
  • Handling equipment:
    15 gantry cranes up to 40 tonnes.
    Forklifts up to 4 tonnes.
    Portable hoist blocks up to 5 tonnes.
    Centralised air installation
    Centralised welding gas installation
  • Control/testing equipment:
    Vacuum test equipment up to 0,3 bar g,
    Pressure test equipment up to 80 Kg/cm2.
    Thickness meter.
    Surface rugosimeter.
    Painting coat thickness meter.
    Optical level.
    Digital thermometers.
    Dye Penetrant Test.
    Radioghapic Tests
  • Materials:
    Stainless Steels: austenitics, duplex, super duplex. Nickel AlloysTitaniumCarbon Steels for pressure vessels or steam installation.
  • Own Products:
    Silencing inserts for ducts.


  • Address:
    Avda. Aranaztegi, 14
  • City:
    Postal Code:
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