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  • Contact:
    Sr. Jesus Mª Biribai ()
  • Contact Email:
  • Phone:
    (0034) 943 206759
  • Fax:
    (0034) 943 200442
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Technical Data

  • Main Activity:
    We machine parts for the vehicle, railway and naval sectors, agricultural machinery, for mining, building and public works. The series of parts we machine vary between lots of 250 and 10,000 parts, the sizes of these parts are up to a diameter of 400 mm and 1 m. In length. Our speciality is machining forged and cast parts.
  • Production facilities:
    1 Kondia Urban 2500 Machining Centre3 KONDIA B-1050 Machining Centre1 IBARMIA ZV 35/2200 Machining Centre1 C.N.C. CMZ TBI-520 A Lathe 990 mm, d/p 520 mm. turn. 50 Kw.5 C.N.C CMZ TBI-520 B Lathe 990 mm, d/d 520 mm turn 65 Kw.2 C.N.C HDROMATIF-COMANDER Lathes 1500 mm, d/d 475 mm. turn 32 hp1 MICROMOTOR Lathe 500 mm, d/d Mod.A-160-N1 P.R. revolver lathe up to bar with 60 mm diam. and 6 hp1 COLCHESTER MASCOT 1600 Lathe1 INNOVATOR T-4 Horizontal Lathe 750 mm. d/d and copier 7.5 hp.1 ERLO TCA-50 Drill1 ERLO TCA-35 automatic drill1 IBA-70 multiple head drill, 12 tools, diam. up to 26 mm.1 IBA-60 multiple head drill, 12 tools, diam. up to 15 mm.1 IBARMIA-40 multiple head drill, 12 tools, diam. up to 10 mm.1 Set of PERLOMATIC equipment composed of three drills.1 CORREA BC-5000-UE Milling machine with cubic cycles, 10 hp1 CORREA F4-HA Milling machine with motor-driven head and 10 hp1 CORREA 6000U Milling machine with motor-driven head1 IRSA Milling-centering machine Model FPV-1101 WIDIA AMAITU Blade sharpener1 KONDIA Part-off machine1 UNIZ C-300 automatic bandsaw1 UNIZ hacksaw1 SAMEL Burnishing machine3 Sharpeners with 2 arms2 SAMUR Compressors1 Set of CAR Welding Equipment
  • Certifications and approvals:
    UNE EN ISO-9001/2000 with no E201201EN ISO-14001:2000 IN PROCESS
  • Handling equipment:
    1 HYSTER forklift truck, 1750 Kg.
    1 HYSTER forklift truck, 2,500 Kg.
    1 PYMET windlass, 3,000 kg.
    2 Manual pallet loaders.
    1 FIAT Van
  • Control/testing equipment:
    Mitutoyo EURO C-544 APEX 3D machine equipped with CNC unit for automatic measuring MICRO-HITE electric arm by TESAPERTHEN ProfilometerStandard test bore, internal and external micrometers; alesometers; goniometers, etc.
  • Materials:
    Forged parts, cast parts, Steel, Stainless steel


  • Address:
    Parque empresarial Esser Naves N-S 4 y 5
  • City:
    Postal Code:
  • Province:
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