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Company Information

  • Turnover (thousand €):
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  • Contact:
    Ricardo Juan Barbero ()
  • Contact Email:
  • Phone:
    (0034) 943 148582
  • Fax:
    (0034) 943 147309
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Technical Data

  • Main Activity:
    Medium boilermaking.2 Cranes with lifting capacity of 3.2 Tn. And 20 Tn. of weight.Height to the crane hook 9,5 metres.Size of entry/exit doors 5m high x 5 m wide. Vats, deposits and silos.Large diameter pipes. Endless screws, conveyor belts, mills.Hoppers, cyclones. Metal structures, platforms.Mixers. Bed plates for machinery, motors, etc.
  • Production facilities:
    Pendular shears for cutting plate up to 10mm thick and 3050 mm long.Plasma with cutting capacity for stainless steel up to 25 mm.CNC Cramp-folding machine, 8 axles, 180 tonnes, power and folding up to 12 mm thickness and 3100 mm length.Plate bending cylinder (2750 mm. table).Column drill, radial drill and magnet drill with maximum drilling capacity in steel of 30 mm.Synergic, semi-automatic and discontinuous current welding machines.Ribbon saw for cutting profiles up to 250 mm.Electronic dynamometer for 6.5 tonnes.Plate ridger up to 3 mm
  • Certifications and approvals:
    UNE-EN-ISO 9001/00 Certificate number: 03/698Certificate for homologation of welders and welding machine operators by Begiralia (Tolosa).

    CL1 certification, according to the UNE-EN 15085 standard, for the manufacture of railway components. We have highly experienced professionals; welders certified under ISO 9606-1 and 2 standards, in MIG, MAG and TIG processes; material and welding inspectors, level II according to EN ISO 9712
  • Main customer sectors:
    Engineering/Manufacturers of machinery and installations for: - Iron and steel industry, Petrochemical industry. - Machienry - Metal structure manufacturers.- Hydroelectric engineering.- Transformer manufacturers.- Equipment Manufacturers
  • Handling equipment:
    1 Bay, 19 m wide and 50m long.Entry door: 5m x5m. Double trolley gantry crane for 20 MT.
  • Control/testing equipment:
    Measurement and control instruments
  • Materials:
    Carbon steel


  • Address:
    Polígono Sansinenea Erreka, parcela A.1-2.2
  • City:
    Postal Code:
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